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Michael Mezmer

Date: Aug 24 - Aug 29, 2020
When Leeza Gibbons of EXTRA was searching for a dynamic stage hypnotist to dazzle her national N.B.C. T.V. audience, she chose the incredible talents of the "Award Winning Master Hypnotist" Michael Mesmer.

Presenting his "Trance-Nosis" comedy hypnosis show to public and critical acclaim, Michael has toured throughout the United States and the Orient performing before millions with standing room only crowds at major fairs, amusement parks, festivals, corporate events, universities, night clubs, casinos and at other special events.

A phenomenal entertainer, Michael began performing at age 5 and prior to being recognized as one of the world's top hypnotists, appeared in musical comedies, television, films and toured internationally as an award winning illusionist.

Acknowledged by his peers worldwide as a master of hypnosis, Michael has had the honor of being an invited guest lecturer and starring performer at the "International Hypnotherapy Conference" and has been dubbed by the President of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners as the "Hypnotist's Hypnotist".

As a State of Indiana Certified Hypnotist, Michael is a recognized expert in the field of hypnosis and its many uses. He has become a much sought after lecturer, presenting his "Quantum Stress Management" workshop at corporate events and universities around the country.

An award winning performer, Michael has distinguished himself both as a hypnotist and entertainer, receiving numerous accolades, including the Rocky Mountain Association of Fair's "Entertainer Of The Year", an "Entertainment Division Award" from the Western Fairs Association, a "Medal of Commendation" presented by General Brian Arnold, Commander United States Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center and multiple "Special Recognition Awards" from the prestigious A.C.H.E. for outstanding professional presentation.

Focus, attitude, service and integrity are the cornerstones of the Mezmer success story. Helping audience participants dare to soar and to strive for excellence in every performance, has made Michael Mezmer a "Must See" show and a superstar of hypnotic entertainment.

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