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China Painting


Fine Arts South Building
Superintendent: Teresa Duncan


Youth (12 & younger)

Junior (13-18)

Adult Beginner Intermediate Painter

Advanced Painter

Master Painter (teachers & others)

People with Disabilities

Special Awards:

Best of Class: chosen from blue ribbon winners in each class of originality and using patterns.

Best of Show: chosen from the Best of Class winners.

Every precaution will be taken at the Central States Fair for accepted entries, however Central States Fair, Inc. is not responsible for losses or damages. Premium money for ribbons is forfeited to pay for judge expenses.

Specific Rules:

All china painting must be done on china, porcelain, or bisque. All ceramic tiles, etc. will be on display only and not judged. All entries must be the work of the person entering. NO decals allowed. No Seminar pieces. All items should only be entered once. Any visible signature on exhibits must be covered before judging. No frame will be allowed for judging. Can be framed after judging. Any piece disqualified because of uncovered name may be entered next year, as it was not judged. Art work will be judged on: design and application (proper use of materials). Each piece will be judged on its own merit. Judge will give written comments. Judges will not enter in competition, but may display their work. All entries may be painted on any size or shape of china or glass.

There are 2 classes in each division – either Original freehand painting or using Patterns, then put into the appropriate Lot # .

Youth (12 & under), People with Disabilities

Class A: Original freehand painting

Class B: Painting – using patterns

Junior (13-18), People with Disabilities

Class C: Original freehand painting

Class D: Painting – using patterns Adult (beginner)

Class E: Original freehand painting

Class F: Painting – using patterns

Intermediate Painter

Class G: Original freehand painting

Class Class H: Painting – using patterns

Advanced Painter

Class I: Original freehand painting

Class J: Painting – using patterns

Lots available in each class are as follows:


Lot: 301


Lot: 302


Lot: 303


304. Flowers, multi-petals (mums, double violets, etc.)

305. Flowers, single-petals (poppies, wild roses, etc.)


Lot: 306


Lot: 307


Lot: 308


Lot: 309


Lot: 310 Snack sets, tea sets, coffee sets, place settings, etc.


311. Raised paste, enamels, luster, gold

312. Dresden, delft, pen work

313. Marine life, insects

314. Figures, figurines, jewelry, petit point

315. Rookwood contemporary-conventional, stylized one fire piece

316. Miniatures, 4’’ hand shaped porcelain

317. Agate etching, glass lamps, shades, other glass pieces

318. Holiday or seasonal fantasy still life

Other than named

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