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Crochet, Knits & Tatting


UPDATED 7/20/22

Creative Arts Building
Superintendent: Janet Quest

Age Groups: Youth (12 & younger), Junior (13-18), Adult (19-61), Senior (62 & older), People with Disabilities (any person at any age with a disability. *indicate age group under Lot # on exhibit tag and actual age if very young or very old.

Specific Rules for Crochet, Knits, and Tatting:

1. Only 3 entries per lot. No additional lots will be made. Please plan your entries to fit these lots. If you have an item which does not fit into one of the lots, it may be entered in “other than named” at the end of each class.

2. Exhibits previously entered in the Central States Fair are not eligible for competition.

3. Entries must be clean, spot free, and in like new condition, only items which are clean and show no evidence of pet hair or dander will be judged.

4. All entries must be fee of loose ends. This is the one mistake that we see more than any other. Hint: the washer and dryer do a fantastic job of working those ends back out where everyone can see them.

5. All entries should be dry cleaned, or blocked, and if desired, lightly pressed. This will allow the stitches to lay flat and show them off to their best advantage. If you are showing a doily or other item made of thread or very fine yarn, consider starching and pressing the item lightly to give it a clean, crisp look. Hint: blocking and starching is still used in finishing instruction in new pattern books for all types of knitted and crocheted items.

6. All judges’ decisions are FINAL.

7. All Best of Class awards may not be awarded if the number of entries or the quality of work does not meet the standards set by the Judges. Hint: you have spent hours making your projects; take a little more time getting them ready for the fair so everyone can see them in their full glory.

Class A: Crocheted Afghans


300. Solid Colors

301. Multi (mixed) Colors

302. Granny Squares

303. Fancy Squares

304. Ripples

305. Shells

306. Panel or strip

307. Lap-size Afghan

308. Double strand

309. Bed spreads (yarn or thread)

310. Multi-pattern

311. Scrap Afghans

312. Other than named

Class B: Crocheted Baby Items


320. Baby Afghan

321. Christening set

322. Baby sweaters only

323. Baby sweater set

324. Baby dress

325. Mittens, caps, or scarves

326. Booties

327. Baby Pillow

328. Christening dress

329. Other than named

Class C: Crocheted Garments


340. Adult Sweaters

341. Child or teen sweater

342. Adults vest

343. Child vest/stole

344. Child dress

345. Shawl/Shrug

346. Cowls

347. Other than named

Class D: Crocheted Table Items


350. Tablecloths

351. Centerpieces

352. Napkins

353. Place mats

354. Hot pads

355. 3-Dimensional centerpieces

356. Other than named

Class E: Crocheted Doilies


360. Round Doilies

361. Square doilies

362. Runners

363. Dresser Scarf

364. Other than named

Class F: Crocheted Dolls


370. Wedding (bride) thread

371. Wedding (bride) yarn

372. Native American Dolls

373. Bed Dolls

374. Pajama Dolls

375. Doll Clothes (may display on dolls)

376. Small dolls (thread or yarn)

377. Other than named

Class G: Crocheted Misc. Items


380. Wall Hangings

381. Edged pillowcases

382. Handbag or purse

383. Pillows

384. Rugs

385. Slippers

386. Socks

387. Collars

388. Mittens, cap & scarf

389. Gloves

390. Hat

391. Scarf

392. Toys

393. Coasters

394. Dishcloths & potholders

395. Holiday items (Christmas, etc.)

396. Edgings

397. Other than named

Class H: Knit Afghans


420. Full-size afghan

421. Bedspreads

422. Lapcover

423. Other than named

Class I: Knit Garments


430. Adult sweater (dressy cardigan)

431. Adult sweater (dressy pullover)

432. Adult sweater (ski or bulky-pullover or cardigan)

433. Adult - 2 piece set

434. Adult vest

435. Adult Shawl

436. Other adult garments

437. Child or teen sweaters

438. Other children or teen garments

439. Cowls

440. Other than named

Class J: Knit Baby Items


450. Baby Afghan

451. Baby sweaters only

452. Baby sweater set

453. Baby dress (plain)

454. Baby Christening set

455. Cap, booties or mittens

456. Other than named

Class K: Knit Misc. Items


465. Mittens

466. Gloves

467. Slippers

468. Socks, plain or fancy

469. Pillows

470. Dishcloths

471. Hat, scarf or purse

472. Holiday items (Christmas, etc.)

473. Round doily

474. Tablecloth

475. Centerpiece

476. Cap & Scarves

477. Edgings

478. Toys & Dolls

479. Other than named

Class L: Knit & Crochet


480. Knit and Crochet combinations

Class M: Knitting Loom Items


481. Afghans

482. Scarves

483. Socks

484. Other than named

Class N: Tatting


485. Tatted items

Class O: repurposed (Recycled)


490. Knit Items

491. Crochet

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