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Fine Arts & Rosemaling


Fine Arts South Building
Superintendent: Vicke Vogel


Youth (12 years & younger)

Junior (13-18 years)

Adult (19-64 years)
Senior (65 plus years)

People with disabilities any age (BH work workshop, etc.). Indicate group after Lot # on exhibit tag.

Specific Rules:

Limited to 10 entries per person, with a max of two per lot #, with the exception of Class G which is unlimited. ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL. It cannot be copied from any other artists’ work or published photograph or picture except in Lot #s 146, 147, 178, 179, & 204. Work must have been completed within the last two years and not previously entered in the Central States Fair. Digital work is not allowed in this division.

Lot #s 146, 147, 178 and & 179, please attach a copy of the original photo or works.

All entries must be prepared for display, properly framed or matted with hanger. Framed work must have secured wire for hanging. Matted work must have self-sticking plastic, saw tooth hangers, work submitted with construction paper or similar weight backing will not be accepted, except in Class D.

Mounting info: if you are mounting and not framing, be sure mats are assembled with good mounting tape or good quality rubber cement. Do not use regular double- sided tape as it does not hold. Glass permitted only in Classes A, B, C & G.

Fasten all entry tags strings to the back on the UPPER LEFT corner so the tag shows in the front and does not cover the work.

Any visible signature on exhibits must be concealed before judging.

Exhibitors may put a selling price on their work.

All work must be dry – no wet oils will be accepted.

Submission requirements are as follow: 1) Class D: minimum size of 5x7, maximum size of 9x12. Do not need to be matted. 2)Class A, B, C, G & H: minimum size of 5x7, no maximum size. Mat borders: 2-inch maximum for 5x7 and 3- inch maximum for larger works.

Art work will be judged on: A. Originality B. Composition C. Color harmony D. Technique E. Statement, feeling or concept, and F. Framing or matting. Not responsible for glass.

To maintain the integrity of the Fine Arts Division, we do not allow adult exhibitors to win by default. We do offer participation ribbons for Class D and H. 13. Work not meeting the requirements listed may be refused and not judged.

Exhibitors entries that are misrepresented or deemed questionable will be noted for future exhibits.

Print on tag so bottom copy is readable. All tags must be completed before entries arechecked-in.

Special Rules:

Rosemaling is judged based on guidelines provided to the judges by the superintendent (exception 14A, Class B youth)

Class A: Professional, Adult


100. Oil painting (traditional or realism)

101. Oil painting (abstract)

102. Acrylic painting (traditional or realism)

103. Acrylic painting (abstract)

104. Watercolor (on embossed paper)

105. Watercolor (on embossed paper)

106. Watercolor (traditional or realism)

107. Watercolor (abstract)

108. Portrait (any media)

109. Drawing (color, pastels)

110. Drawing (color, colored pencils)

111. Drawing (black & white, pen & ink)

112. Drawing (black & white, charcoal)

113. Drawing (black & white, pencil)

114. Printing (other)

115. Mixed media

116. Glass etching

117. Other than named

Class B: Amateur, Adult


130. Oil painting (traditional or realism)

131. Oil painting (abstract)

132. Acrylic painting (traditional or realism)

133. Acrylic painting (abstract)

134. Watercolor (traditional or realism)

135. Watercolor (abstract)

136. Portrait (any media)

137. Drawing (color, pastels)

138. Drawing (color, colored pencil)

139. Drawing (color, crayon)

140. Drawing (color, markers)

141. Drawing (black & white, pen & ink)

142. Drawing (black & white, charcoal)

143. Drawing (black & white, pencil)

144. Printing (other than named)

145. Mixed media

146. Done from personal photo (please attach photo)

147. Copied work (please attach a copy of work)

148. Original cartoon

149. Other than named

Class C: Junior (ages 13-18)


160. Oil painting (traditional or realism)

161. Oil painting (abstract)

162. Acrylic painting (traditional or realism)

163. Acrylic painting (abstract)

164. Watercolor (on embossed paper)

165. Watercolor (traditional or realism)

166. Watercolor (abstract)

167. Portrait (any media)

168. Drawing (color, pastels)

169. Drawing (color, colored pencils)

170. Drawing (color, crayon)

171. Drawing (color, markers)

172. Drawing (B&W, pen and ink)

173. Drawing (B&W, charcoal)

174. Drawing (B&W, pencil)

175. Printing (any)

176. Mixed media

177. Collage Class B: Amateur, Adult

178. Done from personal photo (please attach photo)

179. Copied work (please attach copy of original works)

180. Original cartoon

181. Other than named

182. Sculpture

Class D: Youth (12 & younger)


190. Oils

191. Acrylic

192. Drawing (pen and pencil)

193. Drawing (colored pencils)

194. Drawing (crayon)

195. Drawing (markers)

196. Drawing (charcoal)

197. Pastels

198. Watercolor

199. Prints (any kind)

200. Collage

201. Tempera painting

202. Mixed media

203. Classroom works

204. Masks

205. Other than named

Class E: Wood Burning Pictures


211. Wood burning pictures

Class F: Sculpture (please specify age if very young or very old)


220. Sculpture (carved, but not wood)

221. Sculpture (cast)

222. Sculpture (metal)

223. Sculpture (soft sculpture)

224. Sculpture (clay)

225. Sculpture (pottery)

226. Sculpture (soap)

227. Sculpture (other than named)

Class G: Senior Citizens (aged 65 plus)


230. Oils

231. Acrylic

232. Drawing

233. Pastels

234. Watercolor

235. Prints

236. Mixed Media

237. Other than named

Class H: Physically, Mentally Challenged (any age)


241. Artwork (any age, any discipline)

Division 14A Rosemaling Class A: Rosemaling, Professional Adult (all work types)


242. Gudbrandsdal

243. Valdres

244. Telemark

245. Os

246. Hallingdal

247. Agder

248. Romsdal

249. Rogaland

250. Other styles (please specify)

251. Classroom (specify style)

Class B: Rosemaling, Amateur Adult (all work types)


255. Gudbrandsdal

256. Valdres

257. Telemark

258. Os

259. Hallingdal

260. Agder

261. Romsdol

262. Rogaland

263. Other styles (please specify)

264. Classroom (specify style)

Class C: Rosemaling Youth (18 and younger, please specify age)


Rosemaling (all styles)

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