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Fine Arts North Building

Sponsors: Black Hills Quilters Guild, The Sewing Center, Quilt Connection, Betty’s Quiltery, Quilt Time

Superintendents: Kelli Luxem, Jeni Cerone

Quilting Demonstrations, Quilt related techniques and activities daily.

A quit is defined by 3 layers: top, batting and back with stitching or ties through all three layers to hold them together. Categories are open to all ages. Ribbon winning exhibits previously entered in the Central States Fair are not eligible for competition. Judges decisions are final. Exhibitors may enter as many items as they wish in any listed category for which they qualify. A professional shall be defined as anyone who quilts for hire or who makes quilts to be sold. Ribbons and awards will be presented to the person who enters or owns the quilt. Every precaution will be taken with entries. However, Central States Fair will not be responsible for any losses or damages. Items entered for exhibit must be odor free, clean and free of debris or animal hair. Any items removed from the exhibit before the official end of the Fair will forfeit all ribbons and awards.

Special Awards: Best of Show, Best of Class and possibly Judge’s Choice.

Professionally made or quilted quilts

Class A: Large Quilts (325’’or more in perimeter)


201. Appliqued Quilts

202. Pieced Quilts

203. Whole Cloth Quilts

204. Mixed Techniques

205. Hand Quilted

Class B: Medium Quilts (200’’ to 324’’ in perimeter)


301. Appliqued Quilts

302. Pieced Quilts

303. Whole Cloth Quilts

304. Mixed Techniques

305. Hand Quilted

Class C: Small Quilts (100’’ to 199’’ in perimeter)


401. Appliqued Quilts

402. Pieced Quilts

403. Whole Cloth Quilts

404. Mixed Techniques

405. Hand Quilted

Non-Professional Quilts

Class D: Large Quilts (325’’ or more in perimeter)


501. Appliqued Quilts

502. Pieced Quilts

503. Whole Cloth Quilts 504 Mixed Techniques

504. Mixed Technique

505. Hand Quilted

Class E: Medium Quilts (200’’ to 324’’ in perimeter) Lot:

601. Appliqued Quilts

602. Pieced Quilts

603. Whole Cloth Quilts 604 Mixed Techniques

604. Mixed Technique

605. Hand Quilted

Class F: Small Quilts (100’’ to 199’’ in perimeter)


701. Appliqued Quilts

702. Pieced Quilts

703. Whole Cloth Quilts

704. Mixed Techniques

705. Hand Quilted

Class G: Petite Quilts (less than 100’’ in perimeter)


801. Any article (i.e. table runners, place mats, table toppers, etc.)

802. Miniature Quilts (all components must be miniature in scale)

Class H: Youth Quilts (14 years old and under)


901. Any Article

Class I: Unique


950. Any article not fitting any of the above category

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