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Spinning & Weaving


Fine Arts North Building
Superintendent: Connie Hedeen

Sale items will have price marked on back of tag. Buyers may pick up their purchases at release time on Sunday, August 28, 11am-1pm.


Youth (12 yrs. & under Junior (13-18)

Adult (19-61) Senor (62 & over)

People with Disabilities (any age). Indicate group after Lot # on exhibit tag and age.

Specific Rules:

Special Challenge: Miniatures!

All handspun yarns must be handspun by exhibitor except in the classes where purchased yarn is indicated.

Please indicate age group on entry tag.

The intended use must be stated in the entry tag.

All yarns must go in Class A


Spinning: Best of Show

Weaving: Best of Show

Basket: Best of Show

Felting: Best of Show

Knit or Crochet from handspun: Best of Show

Class A: Spinning

Skeins of wool and wool blends, at least 2 oz.; other fibers must be at least 1 oz.; except silk, ½ oz. Wool blends must be wool with another fiber. State what the other fiber is. Two colors of wool is NOT a wool blend.


300. Wool yarn (single)

301. Wool yarn (two ply)

302. Wool yarn (three ply)

303. Wool yarn (four ply or more)

304. Wool blend (single)

305. Wool blend (two ply)

306. Wool blend (three ply)

307. Wool blend (four ply or more)

308. Silk

309. Other fibers (single)

310. Other fibers (two ply)

311. Other fibers (three ply)

312. Navajo ply

313. Wool novelty yarns

314. Other fibers novelty yarns

315. Spindle-spun yarns- 1 oz.

316. Charka-spun yarns - 1 oz.

317. Bulky yarns

318. Camelids

319. Cable yarns

320. Entries for beginners (less than 1 yr. spinning)

Class B: Knit & Crochet from Handspun

321. Knit Shawls

322. Knit vests

323. Knit hats

324. Knit scarfs

325. Knit socks

326. Knit item (infant or child)

327. Knit item (doll clothes)

328. Other Knit article

329. Crocket shawl

330. Crochet sweaters

331. Crochet vest

332. Crochet hat

333. Crochet Scarf

334. Crochet mittens or gloves

335. Crochet item (infant or child)

336. Crochet item (doll clothes)

337. Other crochet article

338. Knit or crochet article (made from purchased handspun)

339. Other than named

340. Knit Toy

341. Crochet Toy

Class C: Handweaving

Articles must be labeled with fiber content and weave used (tabby, twill, etc.). Loom weaving from handspun, exhibitor must be the spinster.

352. Table Runners

353. Coats, vests, jackets (may be loom shaped or hand woven fabric, cut and sewn)

354. Other clothing article

355. Yardage

356. Bedspreads and coverlets

357. Wall hangings

358. Accessories (bags, etc.)

359. Shawls

360. Other than named

361. Rugs (yarn)

362. Saddle blanket

363. Navajo woven article

364. Hand towels

365. Tea towels

366. Napkins

367. Tablecloth

368. Inkle woven item

369. Card woven item

370. Woven Toy

Class D: Handweaving

Loom weaving from purchased yarn (includes purchased handspun, rags, etc.).

371. Scarfs

372. Placemats (set of four)

373. Table runners

374. Coats, vests, jackets (may be loom shaped or hand Woven fabric, cut and sewn)

375. Other clothing article

376. Yardage (must be at least one yard)

377. Bedspreads and coverlets

378. Wall hangings

379. Accessories (bags, etc.)

380. Shawls

381. Other than named

382. Rugs (yarn)

383. Rugs (rags)

384. Saddle blanket

385. Navajo loom article

386. Hand towels

387. Tea towels

388. Napkins

389. Tablecloths

390. Inkle woven item

391. Card woven item

392. Woven Toy

Class E: Felting (any fibers, any yarn, specify machine felted or hand felted)

393. Other than named felted article

394. Felted hat

395. Hand felted – Wet felted

396. Machine felted – knit or crochet

397. Felted footwear

398. Felted Vest

399. Needle-felted article- add pictures decorations and objects

400. Felted bag

401. Felted mittens or gloves

402. Felted scarf

403. Felted Toy

404. Egg Basket-twin, flat or melon

405. Other flat reed construction

406. Twill weave (plain)

407. Twill weave (fancy-ex. Cherokee type)

408. Combinations of techniques (ex. Plain & twill)

409. Antler (incorporated onto and into basket)

410. Square base

411. Rectangular base

412. Wine basket

413. Spoked base

414. Round reed

415. Wall basket

416. Base: drilled

417. Base: stotted - round

418. Base: stotted – oval

419. Base: stotted – oblong/racetrack

420. Base: stotted – rectangle

421. Base: stotted – square

422. Base: stotted – double slotted (any shape)

423. Nantucket

424. Coiled basket

425. Pine needle

426. Miniatures

427. Woven with natural gathered fibers

428. Other than named

Class G: Other

430. Mixed Media (ex. knitted & woven; handspun purchased yarns)

431. Other than named

Dye treatments on handwoven or purchased fabrics

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