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Event Center

James Kjerstad Event Center

The James Kjerstad Event Center is your one stop shop for large events and gatherings. The event center has became the horse capital for a number of regional horse events including;
  • Black Hills Stock Show
  • SDRA Rodeo Finals
  • NRCA Rodeo Final
  • Region 2 Quarter Horse Experience
  • Several Barrel Racing Competition
The Event Center is also utilized for a number of other events (not including horses). With 48,750 sq ft of earthen area and 69,000 sq feet of concrete, the event center allows for a number of other activities to utilize the center. Activities such as motocross events to rummage sales, the event center allow for numerous set-ups to facilities a number of events.
The James Kjerstad Event Center is 118,000 sq feet. Some of the Event Center features included; office space, 56,000 sq ft asphalt- east of Event Center, roll up doors for easy loading and unloading, concession stand, phone/internet/wi-fi, heated building, seating for 3000.
The Event Center was renamed in 2010 to the James Kjerstad Event Center. James Kjerstad was a former country commissioner and a great supporter of the Central States Fairgrounds. Kjerstad was very instrumental in the completion of the Event Center and brings great honor to the Central States Fairgrounds to rename the building in honor of the late James Kjerstad.
Event Center Seating

Event Center Seating

The Event Center offers 3000 in seating for your next event
Large Indoor Arena

Large Indoor Arena

The Event Center offers 48,750 sq ft of an earthen arena.
Heated Building

Heated Building

The Events Center is a heated indoor building, with rental opportunities in the summer and winter.

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