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Midco Stage & the Midway

Midco Free Stage

The Midco Free Stage is located in the heart of the Central States Fairgrounds. The Midco Free Stage is 20' X 20' and is most notable for free entertainment during the Central States Fair and BBQ Festival.
The Midco Stage has been utilized to host corporate picnics and concerts for a terrific outside venue. The old western decor along with log fence surrounding the venue makes the location a classic outdoor setting.
The Midco Stage offers plenty of electric. Host your event or concert with plenty of parking.

Midway and Asphalt

The Central States Fair offers 150,000 ft of asphalt to host outdoor events such as swap meets, the car shows, camping groups and outdoor vendors.
The midway asphalt offers electrical and water hookups for vendors and campers but also is a convenient location with plenty of parking for outside events. The Asphalt also provides protection for events as the facility has a perimeter fence to allow event to capture attendance or paid admission.
For more information regarding renting the Central States Fair outdoor facilities please contact John at 605-355-3861 or Email John

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