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Miss Central States Fair

Kamella Kopp

Hello all, I am Kamella Kopp your new Miss Central States Fair! I am so excited for this opportunity. I am honored to be given it.

My story began in Wisconsin where I was born! I then moved to Texas and Nevada, but in order to be closer to family we moved back to the Midwest. We moved to Yankton, South Dakota the summer I went into ninth grade. I grew up with my parents John and Christi Kopp, as well as my older brother Chase. In my youth and throughout high school, I was involved with basketball, softball, and marching band.

Now, I attend South Dakota State University for Nursing. At SDSU I am involved in a sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. I currently hold the position of Recruitment Events Director. One of the things I really enjoy about the sorority is that we do a lot of volunteering within the community. In January I started volunteering with the Brookings Community Youth Mentoring Program and I have a little kindergartner that I get to spend time with.

In any extra free time, I am also an employee of Avera Majestic Bluffs, a local nursing home in Yankton. With my position there, I see some people come into the facility with lots of love from family and friends as well as those that come in with very little. Because of this and my involvement with the Miss America Opportunity, I started a community service project called “Blanket Love”, collecting donations of new blankets or funds to purchase blankets to distribute to those that need just a little extra love from ‘home’. I know that many of these folks don't want to be there and just want them to have a little something that reminds them of home.

I hope this helps them know that someone does care about them. I am very excited for this opportunity and look forward to hearing about events I can support.

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