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General Rules & Information


1. ALL entries MUST be submitted in person: Thursday, August 18, 4-7pm AND Friday, August 19, 9am - 12:45pm ONLY. Photography and Literary entries due in Fair Office: July 27 through August 3, 9am-3pm)

2. Entry tags and exhibitor numbers can be obtained in the fair office (800 San Francisco St.) prior to the fair and at check-in time.

3. Please use a separate entry tag for each item. Articles must be exhibited under the name and exhibitor number of the maker who has never exhibited the same item in a previous Fair. Each entry must be the exhibitor’s original work. Group entries must be labeled as such. Products exhibited in horticulture and culinary must have been grown or prepared locally during the current calendar year. Work will be disqualified if not original.

4. Please refer to rules specific to your division for further information. Specific departmental guidelines, rules and display requirements must be adhered to or the entry will be automatically disqualified. Management has right to refuse exhibition of work deemed unsuitable.

5. Unless an entry is worthy, the judges need not give an award even if it is the only entry in the lot. Award decisions are entirely those of the judges and shall be considered final.

6. Exhibit buildings are closed Friday, August 19 at 1pm for judging. ONLY the judge, superintendents and clerks are allowed in the buildings.

7. Every precaution is taken, however Central States Fair, Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits.

8. Unless otherwise specified under the appropriate Division, ENTRIES WILL BE RELEASED SUNDAY, AUGUST 28 from 11am-1pm ONLY! NO entries will be released early. Anyone removing their entry prior to release time will forfeit any ribbons, premium monies and special awards they have won that year and will not be allowed to enter exhibits the following year. Exhibit tags are required for release. Horticuluture exhibits must be picked up on Wednesday, August 24.

9. Premiums are awarded for all divisions except China Painting. Awards are: first place $3, second place $2, third place $1. Maximum payout to any one individual is $50.

10. Premiums must be claimed Sunday, August 28, 11am-2pm ONLY in the Fine Arts Building. All items and premiums unclaimed after 2pm on August 28 are forfeited and become property of the Central States Fair.

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