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Horse Stalling

Nightly Stalling

The Central States Fair offers nightly stalling for all Central States Fair hosted events and for those who are just passing through.
Over 500 covered stalls are available to ensure comfort for your next horse event.
We take pride in protecting the health of your horse.
All stalls are pre-bedded with sawdust and have access to water hydrants.
Extra shavings are available for purchase.
The staff at CSF clean all stalls at the conclusion of each event. To avoid the potential spread of diseases, all stalls are disinfected to prevent the spread of animal health diseases.

Stalls are $25 per night. Health Certificates are required.
Arrangements can be made by calling the Central States Fair office at 605-355-3861, or at the stalling office which is located near barn 7.

If you are looking to get a stall after hours please call the number posted on the stalling office.

Monthly Stalling

The Central States Fair offers monthly stalling for long-term horse boarders. The Brown Barn Stalling is located south of the Central States Fair Office.
Monthly stalling is limited to only the brown barn. The Central States Fair provides stall and sawdust. Due to different horse requirements and diets it is the renters responsibility of proper care for their horse; feed, water and cleaning.
We do require all stalls to be cleaned daily to ensure the health of the animal and those also in the barn. Limited turn out pens are available to renters (no feeding in outside pens).
Renters have the opportunity to utilize the public Rounds Arena at no cost.
Stalling is limited. The Cost for monthly stalling is $100 per month. Current health certificates are required to begin boarding.

Please contact John at 605-355-3861 or Email:

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