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Ceramics Building
Superintendent: Arlene Delker, Abby Delker

Sponsors: Walmart, FTD Express, Family Fare-West Store


Professional: shop owner, teacher or hobbyist making pieces for sale. Also, previous shop owners.

Advanced Amateur: anyone who has done ceramics for four years or more.

Amateur or Hobbyist: student or one who has done ceramics for three years or less.

Novice: one who has been doing ceramics for one year or less.

Junior A: ages 1 to 5 (please state age)

Junior B: ages 6 to 8 (please state age)

Junior C: ages 9 to 10 (please state age)

Junior D: ages 11 to 13 (please state age)

Junior E: ages 14 to 17 (please states age)

Golden Age: anyone 62 yrs. or older

People with Disabilities: open to any age

Points to Consider:

No seam lines, bottom cleaned and finished, no stilt marks.

Pieces must have been completed since the last year’s fair.

Neatness, no defects in green wear.

No seminar pieces are eligible.

Please fill entry tags out completely.

Specific Rules for Ceramics: Chess sets may be weighted and felted. Entries for competition will have no fruit, flowers, lampshade, etc. during judging, but you may come and add them after judging is completed.

Class A: Underglaze

201. Translucent or one stroke

202. Combination one stroke or opaque

203. Special effects

204. Miscellaneous

Class B: Glaze

205. One glaze only

206. Two or more

207. Controlled glaze, 2 or more used in pattern or design art glaze, crystal tone, glaze and stain combination

208. Miscellaneous

Class C: Over Glaze

209. Metallic and luster

210. Decals

211. Halos

212. Miscellaneous

Class D: Stains

213. Opaque (antiqued)

214. Opaque (not antiqued)

215. Translucent

216. Freehand design

217. Pearls

218. Metallic

219. Textured

220. Drybrush

221. Miscellaneous

Class E: Applied Decorations

222. Sand

223. Poured decorations

224. Hand formed flowers

225. Miscellaneous

Class F: Originals in Clay (special award)

226. Hand Thrown

227. Coil

228. Wheel

229. Sculptures

230. Miscellaneous

Class G: Surface Alterations

231. Texturing

232. Originals

233. Graffito

234. Clay lifting

235. Miscellaneous

Class H: Porcelain

236. Stains, translucent, opaque, chalks

237. Plain bisque

238. Glazed

239. China painted

240. Add-on, flowers, etc.

241. Mold combinations

242. Metallic a. fired b. non-fired

243. Lace draping

244. Miscellaneous

Class I: Plaster

245. Poured

246. Plaster kits

247. Miscellaneous

Class J: Grouping

248. Set of three or more pieces

Class K: Holiday

249. Easter

250. Christmas

251. Thanksgiving

252. Valentine

253. Halloween

254. Any Other

Class L: Stoneware

255. Miscellaneous

Class M: Chalks

256. 256 Miscellaneous

Class N: Airbrushing

257. Stains

258. Glazes

259. Underglaze

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