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Creative Arts Building
Superintendents: Teresa Affeldt, Mae Maude


Youth (12 & under)

Junior (13-18)

Adult (19-61)

Senior (62 & over)

People with Disabilities (any age) *indicate group after Lot # on exhibit tag and actual age.

Special Awards:

Cash award to the winners in these classes: Beads, Cookies, Cakes, Pies and Candy. "Cash awards" will be given by funds from the Culinary Bake Sale to persons with highest points in Youth, Junior, Adult, and Senior age divisions.

Specific Rules: Cakes, breads and pies will be cut when judged. One piece of food will remain on exhibit. * Remainder of food will be donated to the baked food sale. One (1) entry per lot number. Attach recipe & processing procedure for Food Preservation Only. Jams, jellies, preserves must have sure jell, no Jell-O based recipes. Absolutely NO cream fillings or custard fillings. Absolutely NO glass dishes. All cakes, pies, breads must be whole.

Class A: Bread (one loaf) plain, yeast dough not sweet


600. White bread

601. Whole wheat

602. 100% wheat

603. Rye bread

604. French bread

605. Pumpernickel bread

606. Sourdough bread

607. Herb bread

608. Gluten free bread

609. Other than named

610. Bagels

611. English Muffins

Class B: Sweet Dough (yeast)


612. Cinnamon rolls (no frosting, 4 in exhibit)

613. Pecan rolls (no frosting, 4 in exhibit)

614. Orange rolls (4 in exhibit)

615. Donut (4 in exhibit)

616. Coffee cakes with yeast

617. Plain or fancy dinner rolls

618. Gluten free rolls (4 in exhibit)

619. Other than named

Class C: Quick Breads


621. Date bread

622. Quick coffee cake

623. Muffins (plain white, 4 in exhibit)

624. Biscuits (4 in exhibit)

625. Raisin

626. Zucchini

627. Pumpkin

628. Gluten free, any kind

629. Biscotti (4 in exhibit)

630. Poppy seed bread

631. Other than named

Class D: Cookies (no frosting, 4 on a plate)


632. Oatmeal/Crisp cookies

633. Oatmeal drop cookies (with raisins or nuts)

634. Ginger cookies (crisp)

635. Chocolate drop cookies

636. Molasses drop cookies

637. White sugar cookies

638. Refrigerator cookies

639. Peanut butter cookies

640. Filled cookies

641. Chocolate chip cookies

642. Drop cookies (other than named)

643. Molded cookies (other than named)

644. No bake cookies

645. Cookie other than named

646. Brownie bars (unfrosted)

647. Pumpkin bars

648. Lemon Bars

649. Bars (unfrosted), other than named

650. Gluten free, any kind

Class E: Candy - 4 Pieces (nuts optional)


651. Fudge

652. Divinity

653. Penuche

654. Fondant

655. Peanut brittle

656. Peanut butter fudge

657. Caramels

658. Solid molded

659. Filled molded

660. Other than named

Class F: Cake (displayed out of pan, Absolutely No Frosting)


661. Spices or applesauce

662. Carrot Cake

663. Angel food (plain white)

664. White

665. German chocolate

666. Chiffon

667. Bundt cake

668. Pound cake

669. Sponge cake

670. Gluten free, any kind

671. Other than named

Class G: Cake (decorated)


672. Ginger bread house

673. Decorated cake (youth or junior)

674. Other than named

Class H: Pies

Pies to be made in at least a 6 in. foil pan, no glass plates. One Piece of pie will be on display. Pie crust or regular pie pastry. No custard or cream pies will be accepted.


675. Apple

676. Cherry

677. Blueberry

678. Pumpkin

679. Peach

680. Rhubarb

681. Mincemeat

682. Raisin

683. Pear

684. Tarts (any flavor)

685. Pecan

686. Gluten free, any kind

687. Other than named

Food Preservation

All Entries must have the following information on an entry tag or entries will be disqualified:

  • Recipe listing all ingredients with specific amounts
  • Boiling water bath or pressure canner (indicate method used)
  • Dial gauge or weighted gauge (indicate method used)
  • Altitude
  • Pounds pressure
  • Processing time

Jellies, jams and preserves must be in ½ pint or pint jars

Pickles, vegetables and fruit must be in pint or quart size only

Exhibit jars must be standard brand and size only, made of clear glass and sealed with 2-piece lid. Jars should have rings left on. Paraffin (wax) seals will not be accepted.

Use current USDA processing times and methods (if no standard exists item will be disqualified)

All exhibits must have an exhibit entry form with entry. Tags available at the CSF Office.

Absolutely NO salsa.

Only jellies, jams and preserves will be opened for judging.

Special Awards: Prizes will be awarded to the top point winner in each food preservation class.

Class I: Vegetable and Meats (pint or quart jars only)


690. Beans (wax)

691. Beans (green)

692. Beets

693. Carrots (whole)

694. Carrots (sliced)

695. Corn (cream style)

696. Corn (whole kernel)

697. Peas

698. Tomatoes

699. Tomato products (other than named)

700. Asparagus

701. Cauliflower

702. Vegetable (other than named)

703. Potatoes

704. Vegetable (other than named)

705. Pork

706. Poultry

707. Fish

708. Wild meat (game)

709. Beef

710. Mincemeat

Class J: Canned Fruit (pint or quart jars only)


711. Apples

712. Applesauce (sieved)

713. Applesauce (sliced)

714. Apricots

715. Cherries

716. Peaches

717. Pears

718. Plums

719. Raspberries

720. Rhubarb

721. Fruit juice

722. Other than named

Class K: Preserves. A preserve is fruit, whole or in sections, in a thick syrup of jelly-like consistency, to be exhibited in standard half pint or pint jars. Jars will be open when judged.


723. Cherry

724. Peach

725. Plum

726. Strawberry

727. Watermelon

728. Raspberry

729. Grape

730. Other than named

Class L: Jams: opened when judged. (standard 1/2 pint or pint jars only).


734. Fruit Butters

735. Peach

736. Plum

737. Raspberry

738. Cherry

739. Strawberry

740. Wild fruit

741. Other than named

Class M: Jellies: opened when judged (standard 1/2 pint or pint jars only)


742. Chokecherry

743. Currant

744. Grape

745. Plum

746. Raspberry

747. Cherry

748. Rhubarb

749. Wild fruit

750. Apple

751. Other than named

Class N: Pickles: not opened for judging (standard pint or quart jars only)


752. Beets

753. Bread and butter

754. Crab apple

755. Dill

756. Watermelon

757. Whole sweet

758. Chunk sweet

759. Apple rings

760. Pickled beans

761. Green tomato pickles

762. Pickled peppers

763. Mixture of vegetables (pickled)

764. Other than named

Class O: Relish


765. Chutney

766. Tomato

767. Cucumber

768. Beet

769. Corn

770. Other than named

Class P: Dried Foods (display in glass jars)


771. Apples

772. Bananas

773. Apricots

774. Peaches

775. Pineapple

776. Fruit leather

777. Other than named (fruit)

778. Beans

779. Carrots

780. Corn

781. Peas

782. Other than named (vegetables)

783. Mushrooms

784. Tomatoes

785. Cucumbers

786. Peppers (name variety)

787. Other

Class Q: Natural Dried Items


789. Beans

790. Herbs

Class R: Honey


791. Raw

792. Processed

793. Honey Comb

794. Any other kind

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