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Leatherwork Building
Superintendent:Elliott Kammerer

General Rules:

Entrants may enter more than one entry per class as long as they are not duplicate items. Exhibits and parts shall be entered in only one class or section each.

Exhibits wrongly classified shall be placed in the proper class.

All entries shall comply with the requirements as set forth in the Central States Fair Premium Book.

The judge’s decisions are final.

No entries will be released early. Exhibitors are responsible for picking up their own exhibits or providing written authorization for pick up by another individual. Claim checks must be presented for exhibits to be released. Prize money and exhibits unclaimed after five (5) days will be forfeited.

Specific Rules:

Articles entered must be at least 71% leather, except Lot 140 and will be judged on the leatherwork only. Items must have been completed since the previous year’s Central States Fair.

All pictures, clocks, wall hangings and frames must be ready to hang.

Leather may be carved, stamped, dyed, painted or stained except in classes that state otherwise. Items will be judged on overall leather craftsmanship.

Kits are permitted except in the Master and Professional Craftsman sections.

Due to space limitation, no exhibit will be accepted for display only.

All entries must be an original work by the entrant. Designs may be drawn by the entrant or taken from some other artistic media with permission.

Any class may be split or combined at the discretion of the Superintendent and Judge.

Class: Please enter the corresponding letter under “Class” on the entry tag.

A. Youth level 1 – 11 years of age or younger

B. Youth level 2 – 12 to 17 years of age

C. Adult level 1 – beginner less than 2 years’ experience

D. Adult level 2 – intermediate more than 2 years’ experience

E. Adult level 3 – advanced above average capability in Leathercraft

F. Senior level 1 – beginner age 65 or older with less than 2 years’ experience

G. Senior level 2 – intermediate age 65 or older with more than 2 years’ experience

H. Senior level 3 – advanced age 65 or older with above average capability

I. Master Craftsman 1 – expert level knowledge in all aspects of Leathercraft. No kits will be allowed in the Master Craftsman section. Commercial interiors for wallets, checkbooks, handbags, clutch purses and others will be allowed if they are incorporated into a finished entry.

J. Professional – work in the leather industry must be primary source of income

K. People With Disabilities – Open to any age

Category: Pictures (Wall Hangings)


101. Pictures (leather pictures uncolored)

102. Pictures (leather pictures colored) 103 Frames (uncolored)

103. Frames (colored)

104. Embossed picture (uncolored)

105. Embossed picture (colored)

101. Category: Cases, Bags & Holders

102. Small case (cell phone, cartridge, snuff boxes, etc.)

103. Large case (briefcases, camera case, rope bags, etc.

104. Gun leather (rifle slings, holsters, scabbards, etc.)

105. Knife sheaths

106. Handbags

107. Clutch purses

108. Books (leather bound books, Bible covers, notebooks, etc.)

109. Daily planners

110. Wallets, billfolds

111. Check book covers

Category: Belts

117. Stamped belts (basket weave, geometric, etc.)

118. Carved belts (floral, pictorial, figure, etc.)

Category: Wearing Apparel

119. Garments (dresses, shirts, jackets, etc.)

120. Accessories (hats, gloves, etc.)

121. Re-Enactment (period Native American, Western, or Medieval)

122. Wearing apparel working (chaps, chinks, aprons, etc.)

123. Footwear (moccasins, boots, sandals, etc.)

Category: Saddles (need to be actual working saddles)

127. Stamped saddles (basket weave, geometrics, etc.

128. Carved saddles (floral, pictorial, figure, etc.)

129. Plain saddles (rough out or smooth may have simple border pattern)

Category: Tack (bridles, halters, breast collars, etc.)

127. Stamped tack (basket weave, geometrics, etc.)

128. Tack carved (floral, pictorial, figure, etc.)

129. Tack plain (no carving or stamping)

Category: Molded Sculpted & Covered

130. Covered vessel (flask, bottle, canteen, etc.)

131. Leather covered buckles (no belts)

132. Molded leather (leather molded or formed over any medium other than leather)

133. Sculpted leather (formed over leather dust, chopped leather, leather plugs, etc.)

Category: Miscellaneous

134. Home and office articles (desk sets, wastebaskets, letter holder, etc.)

135. Cultural (ceremonial fans, masks, shields, etc.)

136. Black powder/re-enactment accessories (mugs, possible bags, shot bags, etc.)

137. Archery Accessories (quivers, wrist guards, bow cases, etc.)

138. Pocket items (money clips, key rings, comb cases, etc.)

139. Touch of leather (less than 70% leather)

140. Braiding

141. Motorcycle accessories

142. Novelty

143. Clocks

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