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Fine Arts South Building
Superintendent: Vicke Vogel


Flexibility will be applied this year because of the confusion and updates with the rules after the books were printed.


Youth (5-12 years old)

Junior (13-18)

Adult (19 & over)

People with disabilities (any age)

Indicate age group after Lot # on exhibit tag and actual age if very young or very old.

Special Rules for Photography:

***Please read THOROUGHLY***

1. Limited to 6 entries per person

2. Backing Requirements: All entries for the Adult and Junior classes must be BOTH MATTED AND BACKED. Backing must be with foam core or mat board and should extend to the outer edge of the mat. No frames will be accepted.

3. All entries must have self-sticking plastic saw tooth hangers. Attach hangers with the saw tooth opening CENTERED and ABOVE the top of the mat and backing media. This is REQUIRED for proper hanging.

4. Submission requirements are as follows:

-Class A (Adult) with hangers

Image size: 8x10 and 8x12 (standard sizes) except panoramic.

Panoramic: mat size to be 9x16 minimum, 11x20 maximum, either horizontal or vertical, and conform to mat board requirements

Mat Borders: standard single or double mat with border dimension not to exceed 2 ½ inches total

Backing: must be backed with foam core or mat board

-Class B (Junior) with hangers

Image size: 5x7, 8x10 or 8x12

Mat Borders: 1 ¾ inch maximum for 5x7 images. 2 ½ inch maximum for 8x10 and 8x12 images.

Backing: must be backed with foam core or mat board

-Class C (Youth) with hangers

Image size: up to 5x7 MAXIMUM

Backing: must be mounted on construction paper, poster board or similar material. Please leave a 1-inch border around your image. Plastic saw tooth hanger must be attached with opening above the top edge.

Mats should be assembled with professional mounting tape such as Scotch ATG. Please use adequate tape to hold together for length of Fair. Do not use regular double-sided sticky tape, or any scrapbooking adhesive, it will NOT hold. Do NOT use rubber cement. Shrink wrapping is an acceptable alternative.

5. No previously entered prints.

6. Fasten all entry tag strings to the back on the UPPER corner, so when the tag is positioned in the front it does not cover work.

7. Only amateur photographers may enter this competition. If you were ever considered a professional, you’re still considered a professional by this division. A professional is defined as a photographer who makes 51% of their income from photography.

8. No names or watermarks should be printed on your image.

9. Judging Basis: Composition, impact and technical excellence 70%. Matting, mounting and finishing 30%

Class A: Adult Amateur (19 & older)


200. Nature study (black & white)

201. Nature study

202. Pets & farm animals (black & white)

203. Pets & farm animals (color)

204. Wildlife (black & white)

205. Wildlife (color)

206. Macro/close-up (black & white)

207. Macro/close-up (color)

208. Flowers (black & white)

209. Flowers (color)

210. Scenery, other (black & white)

211. Scenery, other (color)

212. South Dakota scenery (black & white)

213. South Dakota scenery (color)

214. Vacation attractions (black & white)

215. Vacation attractions (color)

216. People (black & white)

217. People (color)

218. Still life or still objects (black & white)

219. Still life or still objects (color)

220. Sports (black & white)

221. Sports (color)

222. Historical (black & white)

223. Historical (color)

224. Water scenes (black & white)

225. Water scenes (color)

226. Night light or night scenes (black & white)

227. Night light or night scenes (color)

228. Buildings (black & white)

229. Buildings (color)

230. Central States Fair (black & white)

231. Central States Fair (color)

232. Sunsets & sunrises (color)

233. Digitally enhanced (black & white)

234. Digitally enhanced (color)

235. Weather (black & white)

236. Weather (color)

237. Transportation (black & white)

238. Transportation (color)

239. Miscellaneous (black & white)

240. Miscellaneous (color)

Class B: Junior (ages 13-18)


300. Nature study (black & white)

301. Nature study (color)

302. Pets & farm animals (black & white)

303. Pets & farm animals (color)

304. Wildlife (black & white)

305. Wildlife (color)

306. Macro/close-up (black & white)

307. Macro/close-up (color)

308. Scenery, other (black & white)

309. Scenery, other (color)

310. South Dakota scenery (black & white)

311. South Dakota scenery (color)

312. Vacation attractions (black & white)

313. Vacation attractions (color)

314. People (black & white)

315. People (color)

316. Still life or still objects (black & white)

317. Still life or still objects (color)

318. Sports (black & white)

319. Sports (color)

320. Historical (black & white)

321. Historical (color)

322. Water scenes (black & white)

323. Water scenes (color)

324. Night light or night scenes (black & white)

325. Night light or night scenes (color)

326. Buildings (black & white)

327. Buildings (color)

328. Central States Fair (black & white)

329. Central States Fair (color)

330. Digitally enhanced (black & white)

331. Digitally enhanced (color)

332. Flowers (black & white)

333. Flowers (color)

334. Sunsets & sunrises (color)

335. Weather (black & white)

336. Weather (color)

337. Transportation (black & white)

338. Transportation (color)

339. Miscellaneous (black & white)

340. Miscellaneous (color)

Class C: Youth (ages 5-12)


400. Sunsets & sunrises (color)

401. Buildings (black & white)

402. Animals (black & white)

403. Buildings (color)

404. Animals (color)

405. Flowers (black & white)

406. Scenery (black & white)

407. Flowers (color)

408. Scenery (color)

409. People (black & white)

410. Miscellaneous (color)

411. People (color)

412. Transportation (black & white)

413. Transportation (color)

414. Miscellaneous (black & white)

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